Aoife & Matt

Words can't describe how AMAZINGLY GREAT Nicole and her team was for our wedding! I'm an Event Manager myself so I know the industry very very well and was conscious of finding someone who could run our day the way we wanted so we could step back and enjoy it knowing we could fully trust the Wedding Planner we had would run it exactly how we wanted and that is exactly what we got :) Unsurprisingly it was very hard for me to switch off coming from the industry but the moment I handed my phone over to Nicole the morning of our wedding I instantly relaxed and enjoyed every moment of the day :) I remember when I got my phone back she had even so thoughtfully taken pictures on my phone of my friends and family enjoying themselves!

She was unbelievable from my first phone call with her many months beforehand to the moment I said Goodbye late on our wedding night! I had a very different and unique wedding on InisOirr, one of the Aran Islands off the rugged West Coast of Ireland which involved 5 different venues between getting ready, the ceremony, food and ceilí dancing, and this all happened in the middle of a storm and in a stretch tent covering a beer garden of a local pub for one of the venues! Madness but the island ways and weather was very normal for us and our friends and family as we are from there but can be hard for others to understand, however this didn't faze Nicole one bit, she was well able and immersed herself in this and the culture! She completely understood what we wanted to achieve, understood our culture, the Irish language we spoke (at a few points she actually understood what we were saying to each other in our native Irish language which Nicole is not fluent in) - that just goes to show how Nicole can see, hear and know what's going on without even having to tell her! She helped so much in creating our fabulous day and ensuring all our friends and family had a great time and knew where everything was and what was happening next - as I said it was a very different type of wedding!

There are so many examples of things she did for us, really going out of her way from picking up flowers, helping me pack my bag the night before, bringing such thoughtful items she thought we might like to use and practical items like a bell to move people to our final venue at the end of the night, to running around the island making sure everything was ready to go early that morning and all the time she was doing everything she was making us laugh making us relax :) She was honestly the best, I am so so happy we chose her as our wedding planner, if it wasn't for her I don't know if we would have been so relaxed and able to enjoy ourselves so much which is really the most important thing and what it is all about as you have those memories forever :)

Jenny Dixon

Nicole, Invaluable Asset & Friend For Your Special Day.

Nicole is an amazing addition to have for your special day. From the weeks leading up to your event, to the rehearsal the night before, the morning of and right throughout the day. Her background in hotels and events management means she makes everything seem effortless, yet on point. Schedules, a little look, a little cute nudge/ reminder she has you covered, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your big day.

Knowing Nicole is the friend and the professional, with your best interests at heart. Tom and I couldn’t have asked for more. Nicole Cosgrove, our new family friend!

Thank you

Deirdre O’Connor

The BEST Wedding Planner for a Bride/Groom planning an overseas Wedding!

Nicole is simply the best in the business, we were trying to plan our Wedding in Ireland from Australia. With a 9 HR time difference and both working such hectic jobs, time management and leading a busy life made us realise we needed a Wedding Planner.

We came across Nicole and what a blessing that was, what she can do and how she makes your Wedding Day and eve the day after party so tremendous stunning and simply magical blew us away!

We didn’t have a small Wedding, catering for 350 guests with high expectations and attention to the little detail. Nicole made all my visions happen.

She was super responsive and was able to communicate via email. Text messages, phone calls and even what’s app which made the decision process so easy for us being so far away. She supplied pictures, created table styling so we could see our ideas come to life prior to the big day.

She had so much knowledge in this industry and with suppliers so that we were getting the best deal possible.

Nicole is simply a beautiful person inside and out makes you feel super comfortable and at ease about everything. On the Wedding day she is everywhere she makes the day run beautifully, works with the bridal party and everything running to agenda so time management is maintained and you’re having dinner and drinks on time with guests, which is huge for the Wedding Day as the smallest thing can change the flow of the day and affect timing!

We would be utterly lost without the lovely Nicole of Secret Bridesmaid she thought of everything and makes the day much more enjoyable than what you could ever imagine.

If I have kids in the future and need christenings planned, my kids weddings etc I would be hoping Nicole is available to plan everything. We sincerely cannot recommend her enough she is fantastic.

Thank you, Nicole, (Secret Bridesmaid) for everything you achieved for us, you’re an incredible person and best Wedding Planner one could ever imagine making their dream day such a success!

Jesse Soule

My Husband and I recently got married at Kilronan Castle, A Venue introduced to us by Nicole of Secret Bridesmaid. It would not have been the beautiful day it was without Nicole.

From the moment we first met her she put us at ease and made planning our Wedding a breeze. She was so attentive and even planned my bachelorette party where she organised the bus, activities and hotel, and even brought a full spread to the Cliffs of Moher so we could sip champagne with Irish cheese and crackers while enjoying the beautiful views. She was always accessible and attentive, and went above and beyond to make sure that we had the best vendors, best bands, etc.

The day of, everything flowed seamlessly and having her at the wedding took ALL the stress of us, she was always one step ahead of our every need – not to mention she truly does have such a calming presence. Nicole is so much fun and we left the Wedding feeling like we would never be able to plan anything again without her help.

I do know that she takes only a limited amount of Weddings per month so that she can give her all to you for your Wedding Day so if she is available book her as she goes beyond any expectation you have or dreamt off.

We can’t praise her enough! Thank you, Nicole!!

Aisling & Darren McGovern

The Best Decision we made when planning our wedding was booking Nicole.

Her and her team are nothing short of amazing and it was the best money we spent! We didn’t realise how much we needed Nicole until the day of the wedding itself. Looking back, we could not have done it without her and the Secret Bridesmaid team.

We planned a very DIY marquee wedding from the UK and were worried about how it would work and if it would all come together on the day. Having Nicole on hand in the days running up to the wedding and on the day, itself really took the stress away from us and allowed us to enjoy the day. Nicole and her team had everything running like clockwork and our guests loved her and are still talking about how helpful she was. When we look back on our wedding it was the perfect day and went off without a hitch and that’s thanks to Nicole. We are so grateful for all your help and would highly recommend you to any future couples.

Love Aisling and Darren

Emily Hernandez

I am so glad I found Nicole. She was a big help during my Wedding Planning / Venue selection process. Not only did she help me co-ordinate with all my vendors to make sure everyone showed up on time, but she also helped my guests make travel/hotel arrangements.

I would highly recommend her services to any bride planning an Irish Wedding!

Caroline Bannon

"From the moment we met Nicole she was a true professional! I would class myself as a perfectionist and I cannot describe the peace of mind I had with Nicole on the lead up to our wedding day and on the day itself. Thank you for all your help and laughter along the way, the day would not have been the same without you!! x"

Anna Mansell

We first met Nicole about 2 years ago and when we got engaged, we knew there would be no one else we would want to help plan our wedding with. She has been with us every step of the way and made the whole planning process not just simple but so much fun. Myself and my new hubby live in England so we didn't know which venues were most suitable for us, what supplier would be best or what was the right cost to pay on things but Nicole took lead on this and made a plan of action. We booked a weekend break to Ireland, specifically to see venues. After speaking with Nicole and discussing what we liked/disliked she arranged a number of appointments at potential venues... Read More

Pauline Stephens

Hi Nicole, wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you, it was wonderful to meet your very beautiful bride from the UK and to be part of her magical wedding day. With my creative team in OZ and you in Ireand, I was worried about how this will work but WOW it went so well you organised everything with your client and we took over once your bride arrived in OZ, communication & instructions were clear and you were always contactable regardless of the time zone difference , You were great to work with & you can certainly tell your use to working with International Weddings, Wishing you every sucess and look forward to seeing you next time your in Brisbane Australia xx

Joanne McCabe

An absolute pleasure to talk to you again Nicole Cosgrove and it was an honour to have such an amazing professional person be such a big part of our special day. Nothing was ever to stressful and no ideas and requests ever seemed to much for Nicole Cosgrove at Secret Bridesmaid, Nicole Cosgrove International Wedding Planner. Nicole Cosgrove you inspired us with so many options and ideas that our day couldn't have gone so perfect without you. Everyone is still talking about the venue, the cake, the flowers, and everything else about the day and wishing we could all do it all over again. We cannot thank you enough for not only making the day so special for us but also all our guests! You always remained very relaxed, professional and always give us confidence in the knowledge that everything was under control. Definitely a five star rating for Nicole Cosgrove wedding planner, not only for being one of the best in the business but for her dedication and enthusiasm for her work. We litterally cannot thank you enough and look forward to working with you again when we renew our vows! Can't thank you enough Nicole Cosgrove.

Patricia Evans

"I got married to the love of my life on the 22 October last. It was the best day of my life. I found that Nicole had a calming effect. She was brilliant. Only for her I wouldn't have been as calm as I was. She was very attentive and would do anything to make life easier. I would highly recommend Nicole Cosgrove Event Management. She really does give 110% to her brides. Thank you so much Nicole."